A great number of rooms – perfect for parties and feasts.

In every room you can find the special “Tetsujin System” with over 50.000 songs!!
Every room has a comfortable atmosphere and a lot of space. We can offer you 6 rooms, each up to over 15 persons. The party room is up to 24 seats and 40 stands – perfect for birthdays, feasts or parties!
A wide range of food and over 180 drinks, including Japanese shochu, wine etc., are waiting for you to be ordered.

For the guests, who are addicted to Anime and Manga, we have a lot of cosplays to try.
We hope you enjoy your stay at the Musashi Kosugi karaoke box!!

Room Photos

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Shop Data

Address Takeyama Bldg. 3-4F,
Kosugi-Machi 3-441, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Location 1 min. walk from the Tokyu Toyoko-Line at the Musashi Kosugi Station.
3 min. walk from the JR-Line at the Musashi Kosugi Station.
TEL 044-738-3636
Opening hours 11:00-6:00(next morning)
Number of