Takao, the lost place!!

If you get lost, reach the Takao karaoke box. It is just 2 min. from the Takao station. It has a comfortable at-home feeling. Our friendly staff is attempting to read your desires from your eyes so feel at ease and relax every second at the Takao karaoke box.

Enjoy the Asyl Esse, which is in cooperation with Karaoke no Tetsujin, so have fun at these places.
The cheerful staff is waiting to serve you!!

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Shop Data

Address Park-Heights 1F, 1231-19, Hatsuzawa-machi, Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo
Location 2 min walk from the JR-Line at the Takao Station
2 min walk from the Keio-Line at the Takao Station
TEL 0426-68-8490
Opening hours 12:00-5:00(next morning)
Number of