A karaoke box with a calm atmosphere

A wide range of food, drinks and different menus at reasonable prices. We recommend the Tomato-hai and the Rose hip sour, which is very popular among the ladies. We have 5 rooms up to 10 persons and a big party room up to 30 persons to celebrate feasts, birthdays, parties etc. You can rent a wide range of cosplays too.

We don’t have stairs in the first floor, so people with wheelchairs can feel at ease too (There’s a small step at the restroom, but the staff will help you in any situation.) We are waiting to serve for your enjoyment!!

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Shop Data

Address Tsurumi YCC Bldg. 1-4F,
Toyooka-cho 3-27, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Location 1 min. walk from the West Exit of the JR-Line at the Tsurumi Station.
TEL 045-576-1444
Opening hours 11:00-6:00(next morning)
Number of